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March 9, 2015



April 4, 2015

Saturday - 8:30 AM

Mercer County Park

West Windsor, NJ

Come one and all to the

2nd Annual Run To Overcome

This is a GREAT charity event to help woman and children in needs from unfortunate circumstances. 

China Hand Kung Fu Academy will supporting this event, which is also special to our Social Director - Linda and her family, by participating in this event.

After the Run/Walk, China Hand Kung Fu will have class in the park followed by lunch out.

Donation for this event is $25.00 per person and you will receive a T-shirt to commemorate day. Plus, a day outside practicing KUNG FU!

Shifu has a group sign-up or you can sign-up the day of the event.

So, come support Linda, China Hand Kung Fu, and the Run To Overcome event.

For more information visit their website at: 

Center For Great Expectations