Shaolin Chuan

Lien Bu Chuan

Consecutive/Continuous Linking Step Form

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You do 1,000 times!

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Lift your head and drop your shoulders.

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I am not a meat hook so don't hang on me!!!

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You can do anything you long as you know how!!!

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More HIT ~ Less SPIT!!!

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NO Kung Fu faster than Speeding Bullet!!!

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The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.

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Lien Bu Chuan - Consecutive Linking Step FormLien Bu Quan

Consecutive Linking Step Form

Lien Bu Chuan


Lien Bu Chuan


Lien Bu Chuans' origins are not clear.  But, the information I have available is below. 

Lien Bu Chuan literally translates to Consecutive or Continuous Linking Step Form.  Lien Bu Chuan originates from its' own system of Kung Fu.  But, over time it has been generically just accepted as a Shaolin Form.  This form is still taught today in the Chinese Army and as part of the physical education program in school.   Also it is seen as Hsing Yi Form by some schools.   

 Lien Bu Chuan (Lien Pu Chuan) is proported to be named after the south western province which made it famous.  Some claim this is also known as Szechwan Linked Fist. 

Lien Bu Chuan is broken down into 4 sections of form.  Though the form is broken down into lines or sections, it is meant to be practiced as one complete set.  By breaking the movements down we are able to give you the details needed to learn each movement by itself, then you will be able to link the movements together.  It is more important that each movement be done correctly, then fast.  So, you can go as fast as you like as long as you do each movement perfectly.