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China Hand Kung Fu Academy welcomes you to visit the Academy anytime. 

You are welcome to watch and observe class; or, participate in a FREE CLASS to try it out! 

Specializing  in teaching adults, we will challenge you both physically and mentally as you begin your personal journey in these life arts.






Dear Dominick, just about 1 year ago, I walked through the doors of China Hand really not knowing what to expect.  You have surpassed my expectations. 

I feel I have accomplished so very much on all levels.  On a physical note I am stronger, leaner and my shoulder is on the mend!  On  a deeper note I am more grounded, connected and feel more alive then I've ever felt!

Besides teaching the basic moves your patience, warmth and most importantly our belief in myself has helped me to achieve all these goals. 

May God bless you for using your gift as teacher/mentor to help people be the best they could be....





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  • Hsing Yi Chuan Virtual Training Complete 12/2013
  • Pa Kua Chuan Virtual Training Completed 12/2013
  • In Process - Tai Chi Chuan Virtual Training, February 2014 expected completion...
  • New Bootstrap Platform for ALL Smart & Tablet Devices...
  • NEW "Kung Fu Coach" for Online Training Support
  • NEW Pa Kua & Hsing Yi Online "WRITTEN TESTING"
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Affliate Schools...

Schools that teach the Peter Kwok System...

5 Elements Kung Fu Academy
Bill has learned his martial arts from Shifu. He still takes private lessons with Shifu and teaches class at China Hand Kung Fu Academy.

This is a testament to desire to continue his learning and improving his skills.
City, State: Bradly Beach, New Jersey
Chief Instructor: Bill Hunt
More Information
Al Benders Kung Fu Academy Of New Jersey
City, State: Bloomfield, New Jersey
Chief Instructor: Al Bender
More Information
Asian Institute of Martial Arts
City, State: Mount Poconos, PA
Chief Instructor: Chris Meister
More Information
Autumn Moon Kung Fu Academy
Steve is one of the first students of China Hand Kung Fu Academy.

Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Kwan Ping Yang Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Kua Chang, Hsing Yi Chuan, Chin Na, Yi Chuan, Weapons.

An excellent school.
City, State: Gilbert, South Carolina
Chief Instructor: Steve Pilot
More Information
Beaufort Tai Chi
Come learn Traditional Authentic Tai Chi Chuan for health and self defense.

Kathy studied and obtained a Black Sash at China Hand Kung Fu over 20 years ago from Shifu Dominick Ruggieri.
City, State: Beaufort, S.C.
Chief Instructor: Kathy Mahan
More Information
Blue Dragon School of Martial Arts
City, State: Dumont, NJ
Chief Instructor: Ray Ahles
More Information
CrossRoads Northern Shaolin Kung Fu School, LLC
Teaching Traditional Chinese Kung Fu as taught by Shifu Dominick Ruggieri at the Chinahand Kung Fu Academy.
Northern Shaolin, Yang Style Tai Chi, Qigong, Weapons, Iron Palm, Mind and Body Conditioning.
Currently Teaching privately and groups at Medimmune,...
City, State: Effort, PA
Chief Instructor: Al Matos
More Information
Hua Mountain Kung Fu Academy
City, State: Rutherford, NJ
Chief Instructor: Greg Pinney
More Information
Immortal Kung Fu
Nicolas has been studying the complete Kwok system under Si Gong Dr. G. S. Torres since 2004. He currently has passed Dr. Torres' black sash exams for Ba Gua Zhang, Xing Yi Quan and Tai Ji Quan. He is preparing to test all four systems adding Shao Lin...
City, State: Tuscon, AZ
Chief Instructor: Nicolas R. Guillermo
More Information
LIttle River Kung Fu
City, State: Stroudsburg, PA
Chief Instructor: Patrick Brady
More Information
Lone Mountain Kung Fu Academy
City, State: Lexington, South Carolina
Chief Instructor: Micheal Teachey
More Information
Peter Kwoks Kung Fu Academy
Randy Elia started his training in the Peter Kwok System at the age of 14 years old with Grandmaster Peter Kwok. He has gone on to study with Y.C. Chiang and many other well known Kung Fu masters to which have shaped his skills.

Randy has some 40...
City, State: Emerson, New Jersey
Chief Instructor: Randy Elia
More Information
Phoenix Dragon Kung Fu Academy
Gary started his Kung Fu training with Grandmaster Peter Kwok as a young teenager. Gary brings over 43 years of Kung Fu skills and knowledge.

Gary is an excellent instructor.

Gary is a doctor of medicine, chiropractic and acupuncture.
City, State: Tampa, Florida
Chief Instructor: Dr. Gary S. Torres
More Information


Certified Instructors...

Alaan Savoy (Instructor)
More Information
Bill Hunt (Instructor)
I wanted to further my understanding of Kung Fu, which I love, so I opened my own school in Bradley Beach, NJ named 5 Elements Kung Fu Academy.
More Information
Carla Navallo (Instructor)
More Information
Dennis Glanfield (Instructor)
I was awarded the title of Shifu on January 2000 with my Tai Chi certification. In addition, I teach at Ocean County Park, an assisted living facility, and organize the year Tai Chi & Qigong Day at the Ocean County, NJ Library.
More Information
Gina Chu-King (Instructor)
More Information
Greg Z (Instructor)
I am an Instructor at the Academy working on my Shifu requirements. I teach Tai Chi and also in Pa Kua.
More Information
John Deptula (Instructor)
We are all on the path to enlightenment.
And, although we must choose our own path.
Sometimes it's good to have directions
More Information
John Viragh (Instructor)
Teaching has expanded my understanding of the systems. I also enjoy teaching others.

I find it refines my techniques and movements too.
More Information
Kathy Mahan (Instructor)
More Information
Linda Ricciardi (Instructor)
I started assisting in teaching in April 2015 after receiving my 1st Black Sashes.
More Information
Michael Teachey (Instructor)
I have recently decided to pursue the path of Teaching and share what I have learned. Through teaching, I hope to learn more about the Art and of Life.
More Information
Peter Cottell (Instructor)
More Information
Rob Murray (Instructor)
Rob is the first person to complete the Instructors requirements and receiving a teaching certificate from China Hand Kung Fu Academy.

Rob teaches Shaolin, Pa Kua, Hsing Yi, Weapons, 2 Man, and Qigong....
More Information
Stephanie Burke (Instructor)
I like to share...
More Information
Tim Darnell (Instructor)
Love love to teach and help those who really want to learn.
More Information
Wayne Gates (Instructor)
I teach Kung Fu for many reasons, 1st because i want to share my knowledge of this art and its rarity. 2nd I love seeing the faces of kids and adults when they have completed something that is new. Last is because in many ways teaching allows me to train...
More Information