Relax and Breathe Shifu's 2016 Goals...

Shaolin ~ Tai Chi ~ Pa Kua ~ Hsing Yi



Shifu's 2016 Goals...

2015 proved to be a challenging year.  It had many personal challenges which I was unprepared for.  It made me realize I need to focus more, certainly relax more, and once again learn to to interact with someone as a team and couple, both short term and long term.  It had many AWESOME times and rewards which topped 2015.  Truly a year of Yin and Yang, but at the extreme ends of the spectrum.  I believe 2016 will bring more AWESOME rewards. 


Once again, I will set my 2016 goals in line and work from there.   Like last year, I an setting business, kung fu, and personal goals....


Academy Goals


  1. Install new lighting in the classes area with engery efficient LED lighting.
  2. Get on a regular schedule to maintain the Academy keeping it clean and friendly.
  3. Maintain and continue to keep the Serenity Garden well kept with flowers. 
  4. Upgrade the changing room to a more comfortable environment.


Kung Fu Goals


  1. Finish editing and publishing the China Hand Kung Fu Tai Chi Chuan Manual.
  2. Start and finish the China Hand Kung Fu Academy Shaolin Chuan Manual by years end.
  3. Continue working on the Shaolin Section of the website and posting of virtual training by June 2016.
  4. Continue working on the Tai Chi Section of the website and posting of virtual training by August 2016.
  5. Continue to encourage students to use features of the website.
  6. Continue to publish 1 newsletter per month. 
  7. Look for new ways to utilize the website to benefit the students and Academy.
  8. Begin posting new short video clips for applications to forms.


Teaching & Promotional Goals


Test Miriam

  1. Test Miriam
  2. Prepare Randy K for his 2nd Degree Black Sash in Tai Chi
  3. Test Gina K for her Advanced Level in Tai Chi & Shaolin.  Then prepare her for her 1st Degree Black Sash for the end of year. 
  4. Prepare Greg Z for his teaching certification and 3rd Degree Black Sash in Pa Kua.
  5. Prepare Dr. Dave for his 3rd Degree Black Sash in Pa Kua Chuan.
  6. Continue to assist Linda for her Teaching Certificate by years end. 
  7. Prepare Linda for her 2nd Black Sash in Tai Chi Chuan & Shaolin Chuan for years end.
  8. Prepare Bill for his 3rd Degree Black Sash in Tai Chi, Shaolin, Pa Kua, and Hsing Yi.
  9. Prepare Chris for his 3rd Degree Black Sash and teaching certification Tai Chi , Shaolin, Pa Kua, and Hsing Yi. 
  10. Prepare Rob M for his 5th Degree Black Sash by years end. 
  11. Continue to adjust curriculum to accomodate current students in Tai Chi, Shaolin, 2 Man, and Weapons.  Class attendance is good, the group is stable and enthusiastic, so I need to keep the momentum going.
  12. Review the overall group participants and promote those between the White and Purple Sash levels. 
  13. Start 2016 Tai Chi Challenge of doing Long Form Mirror Image with all Tai Chi Groups.


Social Goals


  1. Support Linda in all of her activities as Social Director of the Academy. 
  2. Support Linda in organizing World Tai Chi & Qigong Day events at Windward Beach Park.
  3. Support Linda in organizing our trip to NYC for Chinese New Year 2016 with Yee's Hung Ga. 
  4. Support Linda in organizing a 2016 Kuo Shu Tournament trip to support Al in participating. 
  5. Support Linda in organizing our 3rd Annual Blueberry picnic.
  6. Continue keep Facebook up to date with current events, student activites, and activites for the school.
  7. Continue to keep Instagram up to date with photos of the Academy and its students.
  8. Continue to post all Kung Fu photo's to Flickr for all to see and download.


Personal Goals

  1. Increase workout time, my own, to 2 hours per day by March. 
  2. Start again eating healthy and loose 25 pounds by August for Greg Z's wedding.
  3. Go shooting 1 time a month with Linda.
  4. Enjoy more "chill time."
  5. Learn to Tango with Linda.
  6. Work on my new birthday wish, which by the way I did get my 2015 birthday wish.
  7. Continue to meditate 45-60 minutes per day.



Business Goals

  1. Increase student base by 5%. 
  2. Increase net income by 5%. 
  3. Decrease expenses by 5%.
  4. Increase advertising for the year by finding new and cost effective methods with a positive return on investment.
  5. Enroll 10 Children in the Kids Kung Fu Class.