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December 16, 2013


Hsing Yi Chuan

Instructional Video


  • Still to come in December 2013...iPhone App
  • January 2014 - Completion of Pa Kua Video Migration & Virtual Video Tutorials.....

I will keep you posted. 

New Website & Video Migration

Please to announce the migration of our Hsing Yi Chuan Virtual Video Tutorials is complete.  In addition, the COMPLETE system of Hsing Yi Chuan is up and running with our latest video in HD format. 


1.  Written Hsing Yi Chuan exams for Elementary, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, & 1st Degree Black Sash for certification. 

2.  The "Kung Fu Coach."  This new feature will allow you to ask a question on a topic, interact with Shifu for an answer, and create your own personal library of Questions & Answers.  This is YOURS, kept in your account on the website for reference anytime you like. 

Hsing Yi Chuan