Hsing Yi Martial - Health

5 Element Theory is applied to martial arts, healing, and all aspects of your life and body.  As depicted in this chart, you can see the creation cylce and organs.

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Grandmaster Henry Look

Grandmaster Henry Look doing Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi Chuan...Draw The Bow, Shoot The Tiger!

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Henry Look

Taiwan 1956

YC Chiang ~ Kuo Lien Ying ~ Peter Kwok together in Taiwan.  Kuo in the middle, YC Chiang on the left and Peter Kwok on the right.  Thanks to Randy Elia for sharing this special picutre.

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San Ti Shi is a standing mediation posture in Hsing Yi Chuan.  Here you find Shifu standing in San Ti Shi.  Come to the Academy to learn this too...

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Qigong Healing Master

Watch this short documentary about his healing powers.

Search YouTube to find lots of great video's.

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8 Pieces of Brocade ...

Another version of Ba Duan Jin. 

This is a beautiful and relaxing Qigong regardless of the version!!!


Is it LIVE or is it MEMOREX?

Watch this video to give you another perspective!!!  

Give it a try for yourself, you might be surprised...

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Unbelievable Feats...

See what can be achieved through the Power Of The Mind!

See if for yourself and you be the judge...

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Shaolin Monk Training

Very interesting, both HARD & SOFT Qigong

Intense training....

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A 118 Year Old Qigong Master...

This is my goal, to be like him....

He is GREAT!!!

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Spear Wushu Demonstration

Very talented...

Alot of practice...

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