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October 27, 2015

Well, now that the dust has settled and we have all returned to our daily activities, we are happy to tell you we had a record turnout for Shifu's Shifus' Appreciation Day, with over 50 people attending.

Special thanks to Sifu Randy Elia - Peter Kwok's Kung Fu, Sifu Al Bender - Al Benders North Jersey Kung Fu, Sifu Mark Gates - China Hand Kung Fu, and Sifu Bob Silk for attending, sharing, and inspiring everyone with their stories and insights at this awesome event.

Also, thanks to Master Kuile Hu (Linda) - Social Director for coordinating and organizing the event.  I certainly appreciate all you do for the Academy. 

Final thanks to all of my students who attended Shifu's Shifus' Appreciation Day and for your gift of appreciation. I will certainly enjoy the Meatloaf concert with my favorite Happy Tiger...you guys are the best!!!

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2015 - Shifu's Shifus' Appreciation Day...