Springing Leg Form 

...Tan Toi Chuan

Springing Leg Form

Tan Toi ChuanTan Toi Chuan

 Tan Toi is translated into Springing(y) Leg(s) or Snapping Legs.

Tan Toi, Tam Tui, Springing Leg, King of the Long Fists, or any other variation, it's all the same, Hard Work.  We were told, all those who have studied Kung Fu did some form of Tan Toi.  This form is the essence of Shaolin Kung Fu. It is comprised of basic hand and foot work and contains no flowery techniques.  This doesn't mean the form is easy, but, only the form uses basics to accomplish its' purpose.  The following is just one account of several versions of how Tan Toi was initially founded. 

Tan Toi was founded about 400 years ago in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Cha Shang Yir, or Chamir his Chinese (Hui) Moslem name, lived from 1568-1644, during which time he created Tan Toi in Xinjiang located in Northwest China.  

Tan Toi, a Northern Kung Fu form, today is most commonly practiced in the 10 and 12 Routine Sets, however, this was synthesized from a 28 Routine Set.  Tan Toi is characterized by its' low powerful stances and kicks.  This form is both practical in application, as well as, martial training and conditioning. 

Wang Zi Ping, Kuo Lien Ying, and Grandmaster Peter Kwok are among the many great masters who were accomplished in Tan Toi.  

China Hand Kung Fu teaches the 12 Routine set as taught by Grandmaster Peter Kwok.  

Tan Toi has been broken down into the following parts for easy of learning and training:

  • Closing Movements from a Bow & Arrow Stance as many of the lines close in the exact same fashion, so it is a separate lesson which can be referred to at any time.

  • Closing Movement from a Horse Stance because the lines that don't close from a Bow & Arrow Stance, closing from a Horse Stance.  

  • Each of the 12 Movements are done 3 times, Left Side, Right Side, Left Side.  So the video shows the form just like this.  Each side is completely broken down.  

Hopefully, this will make learning and mastering the form easy and fun.  

Watch Rob, Bill, & Mike do Springing Leg