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...China Fist Form #3

Hua Chuan 4


Hua Chuan 4Hua Chuan 4

Si Hua Quan

Series 4 of China Fist



About the translation...

Peter Kwok didn't provide to his students the names of the movements for this form.   I did have one teacher who found this form in book form in Chinese.  He had it translated.  I have a student obtain and provide to me all four Hua Chuan's in book form, in Chinese.  I found someone to translate this information for me.  Since none of my teachers had a reliable and consistent translation, I am using my translated material to document the form.                                                    

Hua Chuan 4 ~ Preface by  Cai Yunlong, 1959
Number Four Series of  Hua Boxing

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Number Four Series of Hua Boxing is similar with Number Two Series of Hua Boxing, it is a series of boxing which is formed by absorbing traditional Chinese boxing skills like kicking, hitting, grappling, and it could be practiced singly or in pairs. The character of it is: it will show rich and earthy sports features while it is practiced singly; while practiced in pairs, it features the offensive and defensive skills, sports character and magnificent momentum.  This character is formed due to the hands and hitting techniques which are much more than leaping, smacking and big swings.

In Number Four Series of Hua Boxing, besides three leap techniques, tornado kicking, etc..., two smack techniques like left flying kick and right flying kick, two swing techniques like Inside crescent kick and turn around Inside crescent kick, all the other techniques are fighting and hitting; while the structure process to tornado kicking, left flying kick and right flying kick and Inside crescent kick and turn around Inside crescent kick are considered from the entire series fighting  skills and moods. Tornado kicking is arranged to suit the chapter of the entire pair practice and ending posture. Therefore, when practice in pairs, the antagonistic contradiction between both parties will be very intense. When it is practiced singly, as there is no foil of the opponent, there is no antagonistic contradiction of attacking, so it will show the rich and earthy sports features.  

In Number Four Series of Hua Boxing, there are some new techniques added, like cut wrist, press wrist, catch elbow, lock arm, sit leg, and kick tail.  At the same time, there are some new solution techniques like lift elbow, support elbow which is used to against the around wrist.  Besides to increase our studying interest, the new techniques provide some reference to the research of traditional Chinese martial art fighting skills.  

I want to appreciate the assistance from An jinzu and Zou Xingzu for their efforts in the process of writing.  

Cai Longyun