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Hua Chuan 3Sun Lu Hua Quan

China Fist Three

Third Series Hua Chuan

China Fist 3

Hua Chuan 3 ~ Preface by  Cai Yunlong, 1958
Number Three Series of  Hua Boxing
Hua Chuan 3 Translated PDF file - Click here to download

About the translation...

Peter Kwok didn't provide to his students the names of the movements for this form.   I did have one teacher who found this form in book form in Chinese.  He had it translated.  But is wasn't available for reference.

I have a student who obtained and provided to me all four Hua Chuan's in book form, in Chinese.  I found someone to translate this information for me.  Since none of my teachers had a reliable and consistent translation, I am using my translated material to document the form.  I have left the translation as it was given to me 95% which accounts for the grammactics.   


Number Three Series of Hua Boxing is a short one among the twelve advanced series of Hua Boxing.  The main feature of it is: brisk, lively with close structure; there are a lot of leap movements with great difficulty.

In addition to all kinds of “hand postures,” such as fist, palm, hook, and all kinds of “stance postures,” such as Bow Stance, Horse Stance, Squat (Tiger) Stance, Empty Stance and Seated (Lotus) Stance; 

there are twelve “hand movements” on fist and palm, they are: push, cross, hack, raise, hug, support, shake, tuck, pick, plant, rush, carry;

and six “step movements;” they are tread step, beat step, walking step, reverse step, leap step and shovel step;

and six “leg movements;” they are hook kicking, flying kicking, turn legs, cross legs, pedal kicking and inside crescent kicking as well as back sweep and front sweep.

The structure order of it almost makes leap movements as the focus.  There are five parts among the six which are arranged with leap movements in different styles and ways, some leap movements are even combined with several movements.

In part one, after the tread and rush movement, three leap movements include jump flying kick, stride and kicking upward and leap like a swing lotus are connected and become a movement called “five phoenixes flying together,” (it is also called three flying movements).

In part two, after the reverse rush, the front sweep and jump flying kick are connected to the movement which is called “twist dragon and flying phoenix.”

In part three, after the leap movement – tornado kicking, the movement of leap like a swing lotus will be connected and following with support punch in horse stance and turn legs.

In part four, after the movement of walking step left and right with cloud hand and flying foot, a leap movement, jump flying kick is arranged without any run-up and jump-up condition.

In part five, no leap movement is arranged, but a movement called “mount a horse” which is combined with a beat step and a straddle leg is arranged.  Then the feature of brisk is not reduced.

In part six, after the movement of tread and rush, a three fourths movement - "turning like a swing lotus" which includes a full twisted body turning is arranged.

The characters of brisk and lively are featured because the combination of leap and step and some quick movements with this kind of structure order; at the same time, because of these leap movements (some with condition of run-up and jump –up, some with condition of jump-up but without run up, some without any condition of jump-up and run-up, some movements are to kick forward in the air(jump flying kick), some are to kick backward in the air, ( stride and kicking upward), some are to swing legs outward in the air(leap like a swing lotus), some are to swing legs inward in the air (tornado kicking), some are to turn around the body in the air,etc), all these movements make a pretty high request to the skills of take-off, speed and vacant.  However, just because of this point, the Number Three Series of Hua Boxing owns a character of brisk and lively, and it provides a good condition for the learners to train the speed, sensitivity and accuracy and good quality to face any difficulty.
There are a lot of difficult leap movements in Number Three Series of Hua Boxing, in addition to own a good leaping ability; you need to specialize in leaping skills as well.  I explain some brief instructions in accordance with my experience in daily practice.  However, since my experience for it is not deep enough, there must be some mistakes exist, I expect to get some help and corrections from comrades who love martial art as well.
Cai Longyun 
August 22nd,1958 Shanghai