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FEBRUARY 3, 2015


Hello everyone,

This year for Chinese New Year 2015 - Year of the Goat, we are planning a trip to Chinatown, NYC.

If we get enough participants, we will be chartering a private shuttle bus to take us and bring us back, just like our World Tai Chi Day trip.

So here are the particulars:

Day/date: SUNDAY - FEB 22, 2015

Departure time: 10:30 AM from the school.

Return time: Approximately 6:00 pm at the school.

Cost: Approximately $60.00 if we get 20 people...

We will watch and follow the parade, go to some shops, eat some Chinese food, watch the demonstrations, and let spontaneity drive our FUN!

Of course, some good conversation and lite partying on the trip up and back.

Please contact our social director, LINDA by email at linda1005@comcast.net or Shifu at the Academy by phone at (732) 920-0605.

You don't have to be a member of the Academy to attend and friends are welcome.

If it is raining, snowing, or in single digits we will not be going to NYC, but will have alternative LOCAL plans for that day.

So, lets rally up to plan this GREAT trip....