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September 12, 2014

1st Annual China Hand Kung Fu Picnic at the Blueberry Farm...



Hello everyone,

Well, it is here! The picnic just 2 days away.

This Sunday at 12 Noon.

We have an awesome turnout with over 40 students and their families. Which is AWESOME!

Thanks again to Roz for hosting us and thanks to ALL of you attending and contributing.

Remember, we will be making time for doing Tai Chi & Shaolin practice as a group.

Also, we will be having our Kung Fu Feats of Strength, Kung Fu Trivia, good Music, awesome Food, and of course, GREAT times with our friends and families.

I am very excited, as I know so are you!  And we might even have some other surprises too...

Roz can be found at 15 Old Noah Hunt Road, Clarksburg, NJ or at wwwearthfriendlyorganicfarm.com for more information or directions.

For any last minute questions, please feel free to call me at (732) 920-0605.

Thanks from

Linda (our social director) and Shifu