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May 9, 2014



After some long thought and interesting conversations with different people, I have come to a crossroad with the China Hand Kung Fu Academy VIRTUAL VIDEO training program.

Having students enrolled in this program all over the world, having my own students use it as a resource, and now expanding it for easier use on smart devices like your cell phone and tablet in addition to your PC, I want to share even further.

In the spirit of giving back to all of those before me who gave to me, I am now going to all of our VIRTUAL VIDEO training for FREE!

By simply going to our shopping cart and choosing the $0.00 cost you will have complete access to our complete video training program.

However, if you feel this information is helpful and you want to participate in helping the website and program survive into the future, you can make a nominal 1 TIME donation to support the cause. This donation is completely voluntary. No CATCH! No FINE PRINT! No OBLIGATION!

This is my way of giving back to those who have given to me.