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October 29, 2013


Improved Function & Features

China Hand Kung Fu Academy is continuing on its' journey not only in Kung Fu, but in technology

We have commenced working on a NEW WEBSITE.  One of the biggest considerations was for our Smart Phone and I Pad users.  As this is the way of the future we are now upgrading to meet the times and the demand. 

Our new website will be compatible to navigate on these devices.  The structure of the site will allow for easy use on touch screen technology. 

We will also be introducing our NEW "HELP DESK" feature so you can build a library of questions and answers which will be stored with your account information and personal Profile features already on the website. 

We will also be introducing a new set of forms so our written examinations which are given prior to your form examination can be taken Online!

This is all occurring while we continue to migrate our Silverlight Video's to YouTube and change that platform as well.  By years end, our entire Hsing Yi System will be completely on the YouTube for easy viewing and navigation. 

Pa Kua will be the next system in that migration.  As we work on the new website, aside from the Home Page, we will be bringing that website together in the same order.  Hsing Yi, Pa Kua, Tai Chi, Shaolin, and Qigong.  

Visit our new beta version of the website NOW! 

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