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August 8, 2010


Password Protection

Usernames & Sign Up

Hello everyone!

Hope the summer is going GREAT! I know it is for me. So, since the last time I had sent a newsletter, here is what is going on.

The Blog and Password Protection components have been added and are being put to use.


If you are a member of the Academy, either an Academy or Associate (Virtual Video Training) Student, you can have your own Blogs. Just let Shifu know and you will be given access to: Create, Edit, Post, Add Pictures & Share your experiences with everyone. You can also have as many Blogs as you wish, once you are set-up, you control your Blogs.

You can also use your Blogs to keep in touch with me. If you have questions about training you can post them to your Blog and I will respond to it, thereby keeping a running journal of your Questions and my Repsonses.

Use it and have FUN!


The new website features a Single Username and Password. Meaning, no matter what features of the website you use, the Shopping Cart, Blog, Login, Calendar, Webpoll, Newsletter, etc...you will use the same Username and Password.

You will also notice, at this time, some pages are protected and some not. Starting this month, the new website will start having more password restricted pages. If you should have access and find you have none, just drop me a note in case I missed you while making the conversion.

The website will work in this manner:


All pages containing information regarding History, Philosophy, and some training will require NO Username or Password to access. This information is being made available for all to view and have access to and even try some Virtual Video Training tutorials.


If you create a Username and Password, you will have the ability to receive our General Newsletter and have access to additional Virtual Video Training tutorials. To determine which pages they are, just simply click on Virtual Training, choose a Style, and View the Curriculum, which will let you know which material you will be able to view. It's simple, just click and choose!


If you are an Academy Student or an Associate Student (Online) with an active paid status, you will have full unrestricted access to all of the Virtual Video Training throughout the website. Yes, that means all STYLES! In addition to Private Blogs, Calendars, Newsletters, and Video Clips.

So, take a look, give it a try, if you have problem, just send an email and I will get you set-up and working.

Talk to you again soon and have a GREAT summer.