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July 11, 2012


Enjoy The Summer!!!

China Hand Kung Fu Academy is pleased to announce the release of

Impromptu Applications of Power Fist Form/Gung Li Chuan.

So, thanks to Greg for being our camera man and Bill to be for being the test dummy, we filmed applications to about 5 techniques from Power Fist/Gung Li.

REMEMBER, applications for any movement are infinitesimal...We start off with the obvious and move to the less obvious. These applications are meant to OPEN your thought process up to expand you understand of the movements.

Also, as always, these are meant to be practical and effective with the least amount of effort to execute.

So it takes alot of practice....or KUNG FU to get it down, but once you have it, you will see how easy it really is....

We have also now tried a different video player platform. For those with IPhones, SmartPhones, IPads, I have been getting feedback they can't view the Silverlight video. Well, I tried something new, so give me feedback to see if this works better for you.