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July 28, 2013

Hua Chuan 1 Movement Names...

Hello everyone!

Just added to the website under Shaolin/Hua Chuan/Hua Chuan 1....side menu.

First Series of China Fist - English
Er Lu Hua Chuan - Chinese

Thanks to Alaan, a long time and dedicated student, I am pleased to announce I am able to fill in some gaps in historical information on the Hua Chuan's.

Alaan came into possession of Hua Chuan 1, 2, 3, 4 and the Hua Chuan 2 and 4 Two Man forms in book form, in Chinese.

I have found a Chinese translator and I am having the preface and names of the movements translated into English. However, here is the rub, some of the information is difficult to translate properly because the writings are so old. Not everyone can translate certain parts, or at least I haven't found someone the can reliably for now.

Good news, these manuals, published in 1958, are very close and accurate to the material we are teaching...validating the forms. This is also a credit to the instructors passing the forms and keeping the details and forms historically in tact.

In the meantime, I am sharing what I have. If you go to Hua Chuan 1 and read the overview, you will find a full explanation from Cai Longyun.

I have also included a PDF file link which can be read and downloaded with no restriction.

Upon final translation, I will also include the Chinese Manuals written to be downloaded also with no restriction.

If anyone has any information to add, I am always open to sharing and amending this information to make sure it is accurate.