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JUNE 13, 2013

YouTube Migration!!!

Battling of Technology...

Since the inception of putting forth the Virtual Training, there has always been technology issues that needed to be dealt with to keep up with the Students needs and desires. 

Our latest enhancement...

I have started uploading the Virtual Training Video to YouTube.   This is being done because the current Silverlight doesn't play on all platforms.  More importantly, it appears there will never be a solution by Microsoft. 


  • Video can be played by all browsers.
  • Video can be play on all Smart Phones.
  • Video can be played on I-Pads.
  • Video can be played on Windows 8...which doesn't make sense why it doesn't, but...

I will leave the Silverlight video's up and simply replace them with YouTube clips. 

There are over 1,000 of these clips, so it will take some time.

Already completed:

  • 20 Methods
  • 20 Methods 2 Man
  • Hua Chuan 2

Under Way

  • Shaolin Double Edge


  • Tai Chi Short Form