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May 7, 2013


Video Tech Support

Hi Everyone,

Back again.  I have been busy and trying to make ChinaHand.com easier for you to use. 

The website is growing with more new videos, pictures and information than ever before. 

So, I am always looking to add features to the website or arrange it so you can find the information you are looking for quickly and easily. 


Tech Support in Video Tutorials.  That's right, simple easy to play video clips explaining how to use the website. 

So, ask your question and I will post your answer in our new WEBSITE SUPPORT area found in the top and side menu bars.

  • You will have a video right on the page to click and play or.....
  • You can choose the LINK just above the video to play the video as big as your screen is...the choice is yours. 
   Click below to see our first 2 video's
  • Turn OFF/ON the MP3 Player
  • Using the website SEARCH feature

Here is a link to this page...Click Here NOW!!! Check it out!!!

I hope you find this helpful...