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May 21, 2011


China Hand Kung Fu Family Profile

We have just added to the website a PROFILE feature for each Student, Black Sash, Instructor, Master, and Grandmaster.

YOU will be able to update and manage your own profile. This feature is for those who have been a student at the Academy at anytime, anyone who is an Associate Member doing Virtual Training, any who has earned a Black Sash, and anyone who is an Instructor.

Anyone will have the ability to search these PROFILES and get a synopsis. However, you will have to have a username and password in order to see a complete profile or add and change your own profile.

Also, any additions will require my approval first, so if it doesn't show right up, you didn't do anything wrong.  All changes made to a listing or profile should go right through. 

You will also have the ability to upload your own photo's and add captions to the profile listing.

In the top navigation click on "Meet Our Family." We are still tweaking it, so try it, give me some feed back and I hope you all participate in this new feature and share your kung fu experiences. Oh, by the way, you can share whatever you want, I want you to make it personal...it's meant to tell YOUR story...