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Hua Chuan 1


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 Er Lu Hua Quan

Series 2 of China Fist


About the translation...

Peter Kwok didn't provide to his students the names of the movements for this form.   I did have one teacher who found this form in book form in Chinese.  He had it translated.  I have a student obtain and provide to me all four Hua Chuan's in book form, in Chinese.  I found someone to translate this information for me.  Since none of my teachers had a reliable and consistent translation, I am using my translated material to document the form.                                                    

Hua Chuan 1

Hua Chuan 1 ~ Preface pages 1 and 2 by  Cai Yunlong, August 11, 1957.

Martial art is a kind of sport with unique national features in Chinese culture. It is also considered as a classical gymnastics rhythmic combined with attacking and dancing (Chinese dancing movements).  It was created and developed by our ancestors in the process of producing and struggling during thousands of years. So many people rely on it to strengthen the body, cure disease, cultivate their temperament.  And there are so many old people who are still brisk and lithe. It is just because they practice the martial art consistently.  The value of martial art is able to be proven by so much truth.

Hua Boxing belongs to the Long Boxing of Chinese martial art.  It has a lot of series of skills, just like other boxing techniques.  It is said that "there are about forty eight techniques in Hua Boxing, if you can grasp all of them, you will never meet a rival".  There are sword, spear, sabre and cudgel skills, and eighteen basic, intermediate series of skills, and twelve advanced unarmed skills included.

Although the structure of series of skill of Hua Boxing is not organized from "balance development" and "order of sports" like "modern gymnastics," but that is neither to say that there is no "balance development" in Hua Boxing's function nor to say Hua Boxing is not a scientific sport.n The truth is that the series of skill of Hua Boxing as well as the others, such as Cha, Hua, Pao, Hong, Fanzi, Liuhe, Shaolin,etc can work perfectly for the development of physical condition, such as strength, speed, sensibility, endurance, etc.

The twelve advanced series of skills cannot be grasped by only one person due to the traditional habit of "teach students in accordance of their aptitude."  Even for me who inherit the skills from my father, can hardly remember "Number Six Hua Boxing and Number Eleven Hua Boxing," because I used to practice my favorites series but ignored some series I did not like. I will try my best to introduce all the series of skill of Hua Boxing in detail to help people to research and practice them.  About "Number Six Hua Boxing and Number Eleven Hua Boxing" I forget, I will re-write in accordance with its boxing charts and the assistance of other players.

"Number One Hua Boxing " is the first series of twelve advanced "Western Mountain Boxing " and the content of it is very rich.  There are four "basic hands posture," include: fist, palm, hook and claw and twelve "basic hand movements," include: rush, push, insert, cut, hack, pick, bridge, support, erect, lift, cross and swing acted by arms.  There are five "basic stance posture", include: forward lunge, horse stance, squat stance, empty stance, T stance and "seven basic stance movements, " include: walking stance, backward stance, moving stance, gun jumping stance, tread stance, beat stance, leap stance acted by legs.

In addition, there are a lot of "balance actions" act by left or right leg separately; "jumping movements" such as jump flying kick, tornado kick, jump and kick horizontally , jump and swing; "turn around movements" such as sweep forward, sweep backward, gun jumping stance and turn around, lift the legs and turn around; and a few "jackknife movements."

All these basic hands and stance postures, movements provide a lot of exercise opportunities to the arms and legs, it will enhance the basic quality of arms and legs, such as strength, speed, flexibility; meanwhile, the process of this boxing is pretty long,(ten round in total), it will help to enhance the endurance of the body.

I would like to appreciate Mr. Wu Songling for the illustration drawing.

Hua Chuan 1 Demonstration by Alaan...