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March 23, 2015




April 4, 2015

Saturday - 8:30 AM

Mercer County Park

West Windsor, NJ


Thanks everyone!  We have an AWESOME turnout with over 20 people donating and participating in the RUN TO OVERCOME 5K - Run/Walk event.  

This is a RAIN or SHINE event.  Now, it's expected to be sunny and warm; but, just in case, we are going umbrella's and all...

YOU STILL HAVE TIME.  In case you have missed our first email, or had a change in your schedule, you still have time to sign-up and participate in the Walk. 

This charity event helps women and children who are less fortunate and in need.    

Center for Great Expections

And remember, we will be doing KUNG FU IN THE PARK after the walk, followed by lunch to finish off the afternoon. 

So come participate and join in the FUN!

Thank you for all of your support....