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DECEMBER 29, 2013





Pa Kua Chuan

We are pleased to announce the completion of our Pa Kua Chuan Video Tutorial Migration to You Tube & new WEBSITE format compatible for all devices.

Now you can:

  • View all videos from our website on PC's, all Cell Phones, Tablets and browsers.
  • Learn our entire Pa Kua Chuan System from our website ONLINE.
  • Read about our complete history and lineage.
  • Purchase our Pa Kua DVD's, Virtual Training, & Support System.
  • Take your written Pa Kua tests for certification ONLINE.
  • Great video's of Pa Kua.
  • and more.....
Coming soon, our Pa Kua Chuan Manual! We are ready for publication which will be ready for release approximately February 1, 2014.

Visit the website and give us your feedback.