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July 15, 2013


Peter Cottell!

  • Shaolin Chuan
  • Tai Chi Chuan
  • Pa Kua Chuan
  • Hsing Yi Chuan

Peter started his training in Shaolin Chuan with Peter Kwok's Kung Fu Academy in Emerson, NJ.

Then, due changes in life, Peter found himself at China Hand Kung Fu Academy where he has spent, and continues to train, the last 7 years training all 4 styles.

Peter opens the school on Saturday mornings for open practice at 7:00am, then assists in teaching a Tai Chi and Shaolin classes, followed by some personal workout time, and then finishes his day at the Academy by taking private lessons.

Peter has been dedicated to learning these systems as part of his overall holistic approach to life in general. He practices daily which shows in his attention to detail and the quality of his knowledge of each style.

Great Job!

Keep up the good work!