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Shifu's 2015 Goals...

I found 2014 to be a very good year and oftern think, can I top it?  But, the answer is yes.  So, we are going to set our 2015 goals in line and work from there.   Like last year, I an setting business, kung fu, and personal goals....


Academy Goals


  1. Finish organizing the school by updating the utility room with shelves and a new paint job.  
  2. Installing new lighting in the classes area with engery efficient LED lighting.
  3. Clean up an area along the back fence for sitting outside to to enjoy the summer and outside classes.

Kung Fu Goals


  1.  Start & Finish Tai Chi Chuan Manual.
  2.  Finish the Shaolin Section of the website and posting of virtual training.
  3.  Finish the Tai Chi Section of the website and posting of virtual training.
  4.  Continue to encourage students to use features of the website.
  5.  Continue to publish 1 newsletter per month. 
  6.  Continue to cleanup the email and academy database for the remaining 1200 accounts.


Teaching & Promotional Goals


  1. Prepare Greg Z for his teaching certification.
  2. Prepare Stephanie for her Black Sash in Tai Chi Chuan for years end. 
  3. Prepare Linda for her Black Sash in Tai Chi Chuan & Shaolin Chuan for years end.
  4. Complete Bills initial training in Tai Chi Chuan, the Hua Chuan 2 Man forms, & Staff 2 Man for years end. 
  5. Complete Chris' initial training in Tai Chi Chuan, the Hua Chuan 2 Man forms, & Staff 2 Man for years end, including a teaching certification. 
  6. Cross training Rob in Tai Chi Broadsword, Broadsword 2 Man, & Spear Push Hands. 
  7. Adjust curriculum to accomodate current students in Tai Chi, Shaolin, 2 Man, and Weapons.  Class attendance is good, the group is stable and enthusiastic, so I need to keep the momentum going.


Social Goals


  1. Support Linda in all of her activities as Social Director of the Academy. 
  2. Support Linda in organizing World Tai Chi & Qigong Day events at Windward Beach Park this year.
  3. Support Linda in organizing our trip to NYC for Chinese New Year 2015. 
  4. Support Linda in organizing our New Hampshire trip in June of 2015. 
  5. Support Linda in organizing our 2nd Annual Blueberry picnic.
  6. Contine keep Facebook up to date with current events, student activites, and activites for the school.
  7. Contine to keep Instagram up to date with photos of the Academy and its students.


Personal Goals

  1. Increase workout time, my own, to 2 hours per day from 1 hour current. 
  2. Start eating healthy and loose 30 pounds by years end, no weight loss in 2014.
  3. Go shooting 1 time a month.
  4. Enjoy me time this year.
  5. Work on my birthday wish.



Business Goals

  1. Increase student base by 10%. 
  2. Increase net income by 10%. 
  3. Decrease expenses by 5%.
  4. Increase advertising for the year by finding new and cost effective methods with a positive return on investment.




Dominick Ruggieri

As we end February, I have dropped 12 lbs, but still have a ways to go. But a good start.

The Tai Chi Manual is started and well on its way.

And, the utility room is completed.

Well, time to get back to class....

Dominick Ruggieri

Finally, the website database is updated...whoooo hoooo!!!! Another goal accomplished.

Dominick Ruggieri

As I end 2 months of watching my diet, tomorrow, I drop my calorie count down another 100 calories, bringing me to 1800 per day. My app tells me I have been well under my weekly calorie count, successfully since 1/1/2015. So, the progress is slow, but, I was ready for it, and I knew what to expect.

I have finished all of the Basic Shaolin video on the website, now I am moving to intermediate.

I have been working with and supporting Linda as the social director. Due to weather, our Chinese News Year plans were cancelled, but that turned into a surprise party for Gina and Randy who go engaged and Stephanie got promoted to 1st Degree Black Sash. Well on our way for Tai Chi Day too...

I have yet to get out to practice shooting, but, that will be something to work on this month.

Dominick Ruggieri

Why hello everyone! As the year nears its end, it has been awhile since I commented and so much has happened. So, it will take a few entries to update my goals for 2015. First, let me start by sharing some family news which impacts this years goals and my intentions. I have 2 children. The oldest, my daughter, 24 years old, Nichole Theresa Ruggieri. On April 17, 2015, at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, my "Little Girl" passed on to another realm as a result of end stage liver failure. Nichole had several blood disorders which started 4 to 5 years ago. These conditions, once identified, left no option but a liver transplant, at some unknown date. With hopes that she would get the liver when the time came, we, especially Nichole, always remained positive. But in the end, after 3 weeks at the Mayo Clinic, where they did everything humanly possible, the transplant was not an option, and she passed peacefully. This event was a test and a lesson. The test was whether my faith in what I believe, preach and practice would remain or would I become bitter, angry, and hateful. The lesson, to relax, yield, believe, knowing that the course of events according to the Tao was the best thing for everyone. That "everything was as it should be at that moment." That being in the moment with her for her time here was the most important thing. I believe I am winning the battle with the test and though I know I did enjoy her while here, it still hurts and is sad not to be able to call her, hug her, have her rub my head, or talk about the drama she was involved in at the moment. And she LOVED DRAMA!!! Rest In Peace are and will always be with me. So many people loved you... Well folks, need a break now, but back shortly to update on all the AWESOMENESS of 2015. For out of sadness comes joy!

Dominick Ruggieri

Academy Goals: The utility room is cleaned-up, shelves installed, floors painted, cabinets re-organized. Thanks Nichole for your help in doing this. The garden area has turned into "Nichole's Serenity Garden." Special thanks to Linda, our Social Director, for organizing students and friends to clean-up, plant, trim, and beautify this area behind the school. There have been multiple days throughout the year where everyone participated and contributed to this area. And it is certainly serene and beautiful and a remembrance of Nichole. Thanks all!!! 2015 Beautification Day & Tribute To Nichole

Dominick Ruggieri

Kung Fu Goals

The Tai Chi Manual is complete coming in at 200 plus pages. It now is in the editing stage and withing the month our so, as it is proof read and fine tuned, by February 2016 it will be available for all to read.

The Website has been updated quite a bit, but still more to go in the Tai Chi and Shaolin sections. I have some people using the features, but some still resisting, but this is just a gradual process. Newsletters were sent each month, mostly social and available for all to read from the website at anytime.

Dominick Ruggieri

Teaching Goals: My Teaching Goals were almost met. Linda & Stephanie were promoted. Greg Z is very close, I am confident he will make it in 2016. Bill & Chris have both done AWESOME. They have come a long way this year in their two-man training. Rob M did make most of his goals, only Tai Chi Spear left. Some adjustments have been made to the class schedule...Kids Kung Fu classes have been scheduled with a trial class or 2, but no kids enrolled yet. I have Miriam almost ready, but her promotion will happen in January 2016. A big year coming in 2016.

Dominick Ruggieri

Social Goals:

Certainly I have met my Social Goals and supporting Linda. We had a busy social year. We started with an engagement party for Gina and Randy and Steph's promotion in January. Then in April we did the Run To Overcome and Linda's Promotion at Mercer County Park and World Tai Chi Day in Brick at the Resevoir with about 40 people and Carla's birthday party to afterwards.

Wait, then in June we keep going, our Retreat in New Hampshire was just AWESOME!!! August we had Gina and Randy's wedding at their house and Shifu performed the ceremony.

September brought the 2nd annual Blueberry Picnic with 30 plus attending, with all new games and activities. October was Shifu's Shifus appreciation Day with over 50 people attending and the Shifus got together, shared stories, and was a MAJOR success! Then of course, December brought holiday cheer at our Christmas luncheon and Nighttime Christmas party. All organized by Linda, our Social Director. Thanks so much!!! You are the best....

Of course you can see all the results on Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr....

Dominick Ruggieri

Personal Goals:

Well, I had workout time, but never made my 2 hour goal. I will work harder in 2016. I did loose some weight, about 20+ pounds, but that's only the start. I missed shooting every month. I enjoyed some me time. Although I didn't make most of my personal goals, my birthday wish did come to fruition. So, the year was really good, and, really bad.

So, balance was still struck in the year. I have entered into a relationship. It has been 6 months, very rewarding, very challenging, very F-IN AWESOME! However, I have to still "relax and yield" and move slow... This is different then any other relationship I have been in. All new challenges. Again, out of the box in uncharted territories, but I know it will be worth the effort in the end. So, 2016 slow and steady as she goes.

Dominick Ruggieri

Business Goals:

I have gained some student but lost others. I have increased the advertising effort. But, it is a slow go. The economy isn't great, but I have a solid student base. As for net income, I went the wrong direction by 5%. I did slightly decrease expenses. But overall my then income was lower in 2015 than 2014. Financially I just need to work on it more. I am making slow progress, but very slow.