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Congratulations Lone Mountain!!!


Michael Teachey for becoming a certified instructor of Autumn Moon Kung Fu Academy, Opening your own school, Lone Mountain Kung Fu Academy, and by extension a fellow China Hand Kung Fu Academy student, instructor and affiliate....

Best of luck to you...

Shifu Dominick Ruggieri


Michael Teachey

Thank you so much for the support and encouragement!!! I am honored to be part of the "Family" I look forward to interacting with everyone and continuing to learn and experience this wonderful and amazing Art of Kung Fu!


Tai Chi Chuan, the Yang style, because it reiles entirely on the laws of Physics, and you can not fight physics. Any movement your body makes, if the Tai Chi Chuan expert is touching you, they can use that movement against you. It is the most powerful art, because all other martial arts rely on aggressive force even when defending whereas Tai Chi, relies on "passive" force, or blending with any kind of agressive movement, to throw an opponent off balance. How do you defeat a martial art, designed to use ANY move you make, in accordance to the laws of physics?Yang Lu Chan, established himself as the greatest martial artist China had ever seen, its the whole reason the Yang style of Tai Chi has been so widely practiced, while other styles of Kung Fu nearly died out. It is not a question of me "thinking" its the most powerful; if you talk to an actual expert in Chinese martial arts, even a modern Shaolin monk, they would agree with me. Tai Chi, is the most powerful form of Kung Fu there is, because of the way the masters rely on physics, and because of the art's emphasis on focus, a genuine master of the art, or genuine masters, are reputed to have impregnable defenses.Hope that helps.Peace out.References :